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Peters Mountain

In the Pipelines’ Paths

The Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines threaten to damage water sources and historic and scenic sites along their paths.

SAWS trail crew

Refuge, Restoration and Radio Silence at Laurel Fork

In the shadow of a National Radio Astronomy Observatory telescope, Laurel Fork Trails offers scenic views and a rare chance to escape the buzzes and beeps of the technological age.
Photo courtesy Charleston Gazette-Mail

Budget Blowback

Appalachian lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have expressed opposition to the budget cuts in the president’s proposal. The cuts target environmental protections and assistance to low-income Americans.

Who Profits from the Pipelines?

The Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines carry significant risks to the environment and communities near them. But they also carry significant financial benefits for the companies that build them.

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Could Concrete Help Get Coal Ash Out of Neighborhoods?

More than 150 million tons of coal ash are stored in impoundment ponds across North Carolina. Recycling the ash for use in concrete may provide a way to remove this toxic material from neighborhoods.